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Business Colleagues
Providing Top-Notch Risk Management & Insurance Solutions Throughout the Southeast USA.
At Odico Group we are not your typical insurance agents,
We are your asset protection partners.
We know that properly covering your risks starts with a trusted partnership with you


Through our many years of experience, we understand that there is no "one size fits all", approach to insurance. We work directly with you to structure commercial and personal line risk management solutions tailored to your specific needs.   


Business Conference

Commercial Insurance


Personal Insurance

Mother and Daughter

Life Planning & Legacy

We know the work that goes into building a business and the importance of protecting what you are building. Our commercial risk specialists partner with you to gain a thorough understanding of your business to create the right insurance program for your company.  

Our personal insurance products provide coverage for your home, auto, and other personal property such as jewelry or art. We work with you to help you understand and secure the coverage you need to properly insure your valuables. 

Helping you prepare for every stage of life, we have a number of products to help you plan for your family's future. We work with you to create a specialized plan to help you secure you and your family's future.

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